Using Azure Blob storage for a blog

The previous version on this site was a Wordpress application using Azure Web App Service. The supporting MySQL database was hosted by another vendor. In March 2018 the database vendor disconstinued support for the price level I had been using. I had no complaints about the service, but the frequency of my blog posts and the volume of traffic didn't justify the increased database hosting costs.

So what to do about this site

The fist option considered was a simple static HTML site. That didn't sound very interested or useful. I still wanted to do some kind of blog. So I came up with the idea of creating yet another blog application and blog about it as I iterated through it's development.

How to store individual blog posts

For a Henderson Consulting re-boot I chose Azure Blob storage. Blog posts are stored as Markdown files and transformed to HTML at runtime.

Some points that lead me to Azure Blob storage:

  • I didn't like the idea of storing HTML in a relational database
  • Blob storage is a very economical means of storing content
  • Writing content in Markdown make is a nice middle ground between HMTL and a full on CMS


This has been a very high overview of my design decision to use Azure Blob Storage. As the my projects progresses and time allows, I will drill in deeper.

Posted 08 April 2018