Fits and Starts

I have a few shade tree, or hobby projects I have been thinking about. But that’s mostly been what I have been doing, thinking about it.

So to put some structure and possible progress around these ideas, I have been creating some GitHub reposotories.

These projects are one part learning exercise, one part sharing, and maybe even some community building.

Here is a run down on a few project and ideas:

Vessel Traffic

Every summer our family spends a long weekend in Mackinaw City, MI with some of my cousins, and other hangers-on. One of those hangers-on is a former crew member of a Great Lakes freighter. A favorite pastime is watching and indentifying these freighters (trainspotting style)  pass through the Straits of Mackinac

My Vessel Traffic repository is dedicated to applying my interests in GIS and Busines Intelligence to this pastime.

Data Dot Gov

Similar to Vessel Traffic, the DataDotGov project is a catchall of Business Intelligence data derived from the Data.Gov web site.

See Kendra Little’s blog post Free, Open License Dataset at for more information.


CensusDw is like the DataDotGov but dedicated to Business Intelligence insight gained with US Censis data.

Happy coding.

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